Cleaning Doctor Wall Cleaning Services
Cleaning Doctor Wall Cleaning Services

Professional Window Cleaning Services: Domestic, Commercial & Industrial

Brighten your view with glass that gleams

  • Exceptional window cleaning for all outside glass and frames
  • Great for home or business

Our high-level, water-fed-pole window cleaning system uses the ability of pure water to evaporate off glass without leaving a mark or stain.

Our window cleaning system produces a high level of pure sterile water. When pure water is used for window cleaning, the impurities on the glass are attracted to the water, as the pure water strives to return to its impure state. The impure water flows away to your gutters carrying the dirt with it. The glass is then given a final rinse of pure water to leave the glass sterile and clean.

Pure-water cleaning leaves your windows neat and clean.

With pure water, your windows dry spotless without the need to wipe off contaminates.

Our pure-water system does not use any detergents.

Our high-reach pole system allows the operator to stand firmly on the ground and reach even the most inaccessible windows, even those with shrub and flower beds directly below.

Windows you’ll be proud of…
Sparkling clean after a Cleaning Doctor service
Great for home or business


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Cleaning Doctor External Cleaning Services Antrim, Ballymeana & NE Co. Antrim is a Cleaning Doctor business owned and operated by Tommy Conlon.

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