Professional Gutter Cleaning, Unblocking and Vacuuming Services Incl. Soffit & Fascia Board

Through time, gutters, fascia board and soffit will accumulate dirt, grime, mildew and algae, due to airborne pollution. Gutters and downpipes can become blocked internally with leaves, moss and other detritus. Whereas externally, gutters, downpipes, fascia board and soffits become soiled with unsightly deposits.

Cleaning Doctor Professional Gutter Cleaning, Unblocking and Vacuuming Services employ a range of state-of-the art gutter cleaning and vacuuming systems, to clean, unblock and restore your gutters to a clean and free-flowing state.

Don’t worry, we won’t damage your property with excessive pressure washing. Around ventilation covers, we use gentle brushes and the minimum water pressure required to avoid water ingress. Our aim is to leave your soffits, gutters and downpipes spotless.


These services are particularly important during seasons of higher precipitation; like Autumn and Winter, however it is important to be prepared all year round, so that you are not caught out by heavy downpours and flash flooding .


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