Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean Solar Panels… Increase your financial reward

You’ve probably paid a lot of money for your solar panels to increase your financial reward, however many homes and business owners don’t maximise the return by neglecting to keep them pristine clean, which in turn minimises the amount of energy generated.

Let Me Explain

Panels are no different to a windscreen on a motor-vehicle, the windscreen gets dirty with soils because of inclement weather conditions that we have in our area.

To Maximise visibility you switch on your wipers. To Maximise efficiency on a solar panel the panel needs to be immaculately clean.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

At least once a year, better still twice a year depending on many weather variables. It’s important to have panels cleaned as one approaches winter as that’s the time of year we have less sun so it’s important to maximise use of the panel.

If your panels have not been cleaned for 12 months or more, give us a call.


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