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Hall and Kitchen Wooden Floors Sanded and Resealed
Text message received:
Hi, I have moved back in + floor looks great! Thanx again Alison 🙂
Alison, Four Winds, Belfast, Co. Antrim , BT8


Terrazo Floor Cleaned and Sealed
Text message received:
Brilliant job on the floor, even better than I’d hoped for.
Michael Boyd, Belmont, Belfast, Co. Antrim, BT4


Bedroom and Lounge Floor Sanded and Sealed
Haven’t had a better job done in a very long time. Floors are 100% better than ever. Great Service.
M. Abernethy (Housewife), Donaghadee, Co. Down, BT21


Floors Sanded and Sealed

Very professional in all respects from spotlessly clean well presented van and machinery, through all work items, to completion & start dates precisely met.

Well worn floors – restored to original standard, a very satisfactory result was achieved, – without dust!!
As a result of Cleaning Doctor carrying out the work efficiently and pleasantly, we now can look forward to many more years of enjoyment from our timber floors.
(Is there anything we could do to deliver an even better service?) NO!
Mr & Mrs P Kelso (Chartered Architects – Retired), Holywood, Co. Down, BT18


Queries From Customers:
Dear Cleaning Doctor
Q. My hardwood floor is badly scratched. Can you restore this without messing up the whole house?
A. We use a unique multi-drive disc sander, which is fully vacuum assisted to remove dust. We can sand the floor while your curtains still hang on the walls. Dust is minimal and your floor can be fully restored to pristine condition.

Q. I have a Chinese slate floor that looks dull, but when I wash it, it looks fine until it dries out. Can you help?
A. You need a good commercial seal applied, but before that we would deep clean to remove all the ground in dirt, then neutralise and finally apply a hard wearing quality seal. This will restore the appearance and leave it easier for you to look after on a daily basis. The seal will also protect your valuable tiles.

Q. Do you provide a service to clean and maintain my supermarket floors on a regular basis?
A. We provide a comprehensive service to strip, reseal and then maintain all floor surfaces. Whether it is the deli area or wherever, our service is very thorough and complete. We also provide regular office cleaning, if you require it.