Your weekends weren't made for housework!

Your weekends weren’t made for housework!

  • Get control of your precious free time by using our dependable home cleaning services
  • Great for busy people

Imagine Coming Home to a Fresh, Clean, Sparkling House!

Imagine the benefits of having your house cleaned regularly to the highest standards. For instance:

  • Every cobweb is dusted away.
  • All dust is cleaned from lights, ornaments, picture frames, televisions, telephones, shelves, tables, windowsills, skirting boards and every other dust-collecting surface.
  • Fingerprints and smears are removed from inside window glass, doors and mirrors.
  • Your kitchen is thoroughly and hygienically cleaned.
  • Your bathroom is left sparkling. Lime scale is removed from every tap and bathroom fitting, and they are polished to a high sheen.
  • Wall tiles are scrubbed, sanitised and left spotless.
  • All tiled, vinyl and wooden floors are cleaned and dust free.
  • Your carpets and rugs are vacuumed with highly efficient vacuum systems.
  • Your beds are made and pillows plumped, and, if you wish, we’ll change your bed linen.

Here’s How Your Cleaning Team Works

You are assigned a team of two or three professional cleaners to clean your home. Working as a team, it’s easier and quicker for the team to turn a mattress or move your sofa to clean thoroughly. You don’t have to supply any cleaning materials. The team brings every cleaning supply needed, including vacuum cleaners, cleaning cloths, brushes, wipes and polishes. Where possible, the team uses environmentally friendly products. Also, you should know that Cleaning Doctor has full liability insurance

Cleaning to Suit Your Particular Requirements

You will receive cleaning that is tailored to suit your individual requirements. Every home is different, so we will clean exactly as we have agreed with you. You can receive:

  • Regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning.
  • Spring cleaning of your whole house or individual rooms.>
  • Special Event Cleaning. Having a special event? Call us to clean your home before or after your special event, such as a wedding, a party, a celebration, a barbeque, or maybe even a house move. Cleaning Doctor can save you a lot of anguish.
  • Gift Cleaning. Give the gift of a spring clean or weekly house clean to a relative who needs help, or to someone who is ill.