Your weekends weren't made for housework!

Your weekends weren’t made for housework!

  • Get control of your precious free time by using our dependable home cleaning services
  • Great for busy people!

Imagine returning to your home or office and knowing that it fresh, sanitised and has been cleaned to a professional standard.

Some of the many benefits of our professional cleaning services are:

  • Kitchen areas are thoroughly and hygienically cleaned.
  • Bathrooms are left sparkling. Lime scale is removed from every tap and bathroom fitting, and they are polished to a high sheen.
  • Wall tiles are scrubbed, sanitised and left spotless.
  • Tiled, vinyl and wooden floors are cleaned and dust free.
  • Your carpets and rugs are vacuumed with highly efficient vacuum systems.
  • All dust and cobwebs are cleaned from lights, ornaments, picture frames, computers, televisions, telephones, shelves, tables, windowsills, skirting boards and every other dust-collecting surface.
  • Fingerprints and smears are removed from inside window glass, doors and mirrors.
  • Beds are made and pillows plumped, and, if you wish, we’ll change your bed linen.

Here’s How Your Professional Cleaning Team Works:

You are assigned a team of two or three professional cleaners to clean your home, office, or commercial premises.

Our services are tailor made to suit you. We are able to use our experience to quickly assess the environment and devise the quickest and most methodical way to achieve the results that you expect.

All of our cleaning solutions and equipment are industry standard and even better, everything needed for the job is supplied by us! The only thing that you need to think of; is returning to a clean home or office.

As you know, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work and this way it’s quicker and easier for us to do things like flip mattress, or move your sofa to ensure the most thorough clean.