How to Maintain Your Floors after a Cleaning Doctor Restoration

Cleaning Doctor Floor Restoration Services can give your floors a great new look, but you’ll want to keep them maintained and looking like new.


For the best results, always clean your floors regularly with the proper products. When the floor is refurbished by your local Cleaning Doctor, he will give you best advice on how to keep it looking as good as new and also what products to use. Cleaning Doctor can supply you with speciality products, which have been tried and tested and which are ideal for regular and heavy-duty cleaning for all types of floors.

Cleaning Doctor products are suitable because:

  • They’ve been tested and proven on thousands of residential and commercial floors.
  • They’re specially formulated to work on wood floors, hard floors, vinyl floors and many other floor types.
  • They’re designed to be environmentally friendly, so you maintain a great-looking floor without using harsh chemicals.
  • They will help you protect your floors for years to come.

Equipped with your mop, bucket and cleaning products, follow these tips to keep your floors looking great.

Hardwood & Laminate Floors

First, dry mop or vacuum your hardwood or laminate floor, then clean your wood floor with a hardwood and laminate floor cleaner. It comes in a ready-to-use, no-rinse formula, and it’s suitable for all gloss level finishes.
Dry mopping is great for a quick dusting, but if all you usually do is dry mopping, you will eventually grind the dirt into the surface of the floor. Use only cleaning products specifically designed for hardwood or laminate to remove soil.
Never use any cleaning product or method that requires you to add water to hardwood floors – even sealed floors. Water will seep into and around the boards and cause serious damage to your floor. Most laminated floors will be rapidly damaged by even the slightest water ingress.

Hard Floors, Tiled Floors & Vinyl Floors

Routine maintenance will keep your floor looking great for longer. Regular cleaning also reduces the frequency of heavy-duty cleaning. If using a cleaning product, always read what is on the bottle or container. Ensure that it is suitable for the type of floor that you are cleaning. A product that is suitable for a ceramic floor might not be good for a marble, granite, terrazzo, slate or stone floor. Some harsh products can dissolve certain natural stones. If in doubt, don’t use at all, or carry out a small test in an inconspicuous part of your floor.

Using these helpful tips, you’ll be able to maintain a bright, sparkling floor for many more years, until it’s time to call Cleaning Doctor again.

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