7 most frequently as questions relating to carpet and upholstery cleaning

Q1. If you clean my carpet or upholstery, will they get dirty again quickly?

This definitely is one of the most frequently asked questions. It is true if you use a cleaning product or company that leaves soil attracting residues on your carpet or upholstery after they have been cleaned. Old shampoo methods and some types of spotters and cleaning solutions can create this problem. Products like these sometimes leave a slight ‘stickiness’ that attracts soils to the carpets or upholstery like a magnet, and very quickly items can look grubby again.  


There’s no such problems with a Cleaning Doctor clean.

When your carpet or upholstery is professionally cleaned using our Industry Approved solutions, all of these issues are eradicated.  Carpets or upholstery will stay cleaner and fresher for longer – Guaranteed. 


Q2. I have a wool carpet, do I need to take extra care when it is cleaned?

Yes, you are right to be concerned. Wool carpets are beautiful and expensive. They do require trained experts who use professional equipment and safe cleaning solutions.  That is why we do exhaustive testing before cleaning. We enjoy cleaning wool or any other natural fibres because it gives us the opportunity to deliver amazing results due to the skills we have gained through on-going education and training in our industry. Please ensure that you use certified companies, who use quality cleaning products and in particular wool safe cleaning solutions.

Q3. We are moving into a house, and the previous owners smoked. Can you get rid of this smell?

Very possibly – yes, but don’t move any belongings into your new home until it has had a thorough deep clean first. I can clean and deodorise the carpets, upholstery and of course, don’t forget the drapes; they should also be cleaned and deodorised. I recommend detailed cleaning for complete source removal of contaminants. If the problem is severe, I may need to fog or ozone the house with specialist products as smoke contamination could be in the walls if they are papered or painted. Our unique water filtered vacuum cleaning system also aromatises and vaporises areas prior to cleaning. I will best advise you after we have completed our free no obligation health check.


Q4. Can you dry clean my carpet?

Yes indeed.  You can avail of my Cleaning Doctor Low Moisture Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning System, which is approved by many carpet mills, for example, Gaskells Textile Group, Modulus Carpets, Tessera and Brintons carpets to name but a few. Dry Fusion is an Industry Approved cleaning system.  The system cleans, and deodorises as it cleans, it also applies a fluorocarbon stain blocker to each individual fibre.  Carpets cleaned by Dry Fusion are ready to use normally 30 minutes after cleaning.  View the Dry Fusion video in the video section of this website.


Q5. If I opt for a wet cleaning process, how long will the carpets be wet for?

Usually your carpets will be slightly ‘damp’ after deep cleaning.  Depending on the fibre type of your carpet and the degree of soiling it is normal for the majority of carpets to be dry in 2-5 hours.  Using high air-flow cleaning machines and fast drying air movers, areas can be dry even quicker.  Sometimes we mix and match our systems finishing off a water extraction clean with our low moisture fast drying Dry Fusion System. Do note, as fully trained licenced operators, we have finely tuned skills to ensure we get the best results possible, and you can use your freshly cleaned areas promptly.


Q6. I have a pet that has the occasional accident. Can you remove the odours and stains?

We do specialise in the removal of pet stains and odours. As long as the carpet fibre has not been permanently dyed or damaged, we should be able to remove the spots and deodorise to remove most of the odour. We have specialist odour digesters that will eradicate smells at source.  The product is totally safe and very effective.  On completing a survey, we best advise how we can solve your problem.


Q7. Should I apply a Stain Protector on my carpets or upholstery fabrics after cleaning?

The application of stain protector is an excellent investment. I apply Promite Stain Protector, as this product protects your carpet and upholstery against spills and soiling.  In addition, it has the added advantage where it helps to eliminate dust mites for up to 12 months after we have applied it.  See the Stain Protection video in the video section of this website.


If you have any further questions feel free to give me a call.