Slate, Marble, Granite and all Natural Stone Surface Restoration Services

picture of marble floor - beautiful natural floors restored to as good as new

Beautiful natural floors restored to as good as new

  • Specialists in restoration, maintenance and cleaning services for marble, granite, limestone and all natural stone surfaces
  • Great for home or business

Do your slate, stone, marble, or granite floors gleam as they once did, or have they become dull and lifeless?

Most natural stone floors, over time, become ingrained with dust, dirt, oily-waxy deposits, old polishes or dressings, or a combination of all; these soils invade every nook and cranny, resulting in a dull and lifeless floor.

If your floor looks tired, dull and lifeless, maybe now is the time to give it a facelift, so that it gleams again, allowing it to project its own definite character.

Cleaning Doctor Floor Restoration Services can safely and effectively remove all soils from your hard-floors, whether in a lobby, kitchen, dining room, utility area, or wherever. After they are thoroughly cleaned and dried, including any grouts, a top coating of a suitable seal or dressing can be applied, which will enhance the beauty and the colour of the floor, as well as giving protection to the surface.

We offer a choice of finishes, and this will depend on what type of sheen you require and the ease of future maintenance – we can advise you about which finish is the best for your floor and your circumstances.