Red & Green Algae Removal

Treating red algae on a domestic property.


The same property a day later.


The exteriors of many buildings are ruined by the appearance of various algae, moulds and mildews. These microscopic growths come in various colours, including red, green and black. They are encouraged in their invasion by a damp climate and the lack of regular cleaning.

Cleaning Doctor external cleaning and maintenance services has a solution to this problem.

On the surface to be cleaned, our first attack may be with our pressure washers. However, sometimes water alone will not do the trick, and a chemical or biological application is required.

Cleaning Doctor has all the necessary equipment and products to rid buildings and external areas of these unwanted scums, slimes, algae and moulds.

A commercial property covered in red algae and a test area completed on the wall at the left hand side.


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