Fabric Protection for Your Carpets and Upholstery


One Spill Can Permanently Damage Your Carpet or Upholstery.

Prevent a spill from becoming a disaster.

Whether your carpet or upholstery is brand new or you have just had it thoroughly cleaned, we profoundly preach ‘Prevention is Better than a Cure’. Now is the best time to have your carpets and furnishings protected against stains caused by accidental spills.

Anthea Turner demonstrates the benefits of PROmite™ Fabric Protector.

Stops everyday spills from becoming permanent stains

Cleaning Doctor Fabric Protector will help protect your carpets from unsightly spots caused by common household food and beverage spills. It provide an invisible protective coating on every fibre that prevents accidental spills from soaking in as fast as they would if there was no protector applied. Fabric Protector is totally invisible and it doesn’t change the feel or texture of the carpet or fabric.

When action is taken as per Cleaning Doctor Spot and Stain Removal Guide, it will assist you to remove fresh spills from your furnishings & carpets.

PROmite™ Fabric Protector – A must for Allergy Sufferers

PROmite™ Fabric Protector also contains a dust-mite eliminator in the stain protection. This helps to dramatically reduce allergies in the home.