12 Reasons Why You Should Call Cleaning Doctor Carpet & Upholstery Services

We pledge to be YOUR PARTNER by providing you with a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance service. We will dedicate all our resources to solving your cleaning and maintenance needs.

1. 100% Risk-Free GUARANTEE — When you use Cleaning Doctor to clean your carpets and upholstery you will receive the most thorough, freshest and healthiest clean ever, or it’s Free! That’s right the most thorough cleaning ever. Our carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and stain protection services are the most thorough you could ever have – if you don’t agree we won’t accept your payment. Let me explain – if, after we have left your home or business, you are in any way dissatisfied, we’ll rush back and re-clean for FREE. If that’s still not enough to make you happy, we will refund your money 100%. This is our 100% Risk-Free GUARANTEE to you.

2. Thorough Cleaning for a Healthy Indoor Environment — We use the most thorough cleaning methods available. Cleaning Doctor methods – which are approved by leading carpet manufacturers – don’t leave residue or cause shrinkage and we use the most effective cleaning processes around. We clean way down to the base of your carpet, removing harmful dirt, grit and pollutants, leaving your carpet clean and healthy. Maybe your carpets are “Crying out for Help!” If so, you must see our page on Why Your Carpets Need Deep Down Cleaning.

3. Carpets Dry in 30 minutes using the Dry Fusion™ system – There’s no more waiting for carpets to dry, no ‘wet dog’ carpet smells, no stains returning and no fast re-soiling. With the amazing Dry Fusion™ Cleaning System we can clean, deodorise, stain-block and dry your carpets in the one process. Dry carpets in 30 minutes – Guaranteed!

4. Dust Mite Control with PROmite™ (protection against Dust Mites) — We are licensed to apply PROmite™ dust mite eliminator and protector that allows allergy sufferers to breathe easier.

5. Honest Pricing — We promise no high-pressure sales gimmicks. The prices we quote are fully inclusive. There are no extras. Our prices include all the solutions, machinery and manpower needed to get the job done right. We only have only high standards of cleaning – thorough, professional and exhaustive.

6. FREE Consumer Information and a FREE Healthy Home Carpet & Upholstery Check — Because we understand cleaning, (and we know that you may be worried about having your valuable carpets cleaned or even ruined by unscrupulous people) we have dedicated ourselves to customer education and information about our business. We will truthfully answer any query you might have, no matter how small. In addition, please call us and ask for a Free Healthy Home Carpet & Upholstery Check. A carpet and upholstery health check is much more than a price quote. We will tell you exactly what we can do to clean and improve your carpet or upholstery, how good it will look, and how long you can expect it to stay clean. We will figure out the exact cost, and prepare to give you the best ever cleaning and a healthy home. We believe in a full service, before, during and after every clean. See our details on Regular Maintenance Programmes at Reason 9 and After We Have Cleaned For You at Reasons 11.

7. You Get An Exact Appointment — You only get an answering machine if all the phones are ringing at once. If this is the case, we will return your call promptly. You can usually have your cleaning done within a week of calling us. You won’t hear us saying, “We’ll be there between noon and five pm.” We give you an appointment time within a one hour window of arrival. And if we are ever running late, we’ll call you to let you know.

8. You Will Employ A Company That Doesn’t Cut Corners — We clean them. We take all the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly. We have a saying, “We’re only as good as our last job”. Our workmanship is our reputation.

9. Your Carpet or Upholstery Need Never Look Dirty Again — When we have cleaned your carpets and upholstery ask about our Regular Maintenance Programmes.

10. You Receive A Comprehensive Service From Your Local Cleaning Doctor Carpet & Upholstery Specialist — We supply all of the services shown in the menu to left.

11. After We Have Cleaned For You — We offer a lot more than the most thorough clean ever. We do everything possible to ensure that no spots and stains return. In the event that a spot or stain should return after we have just cleaned, we will also return and figure out how to remove it permanently. Furthermore, for the first week after we clean your carpet, if someone should accidentally spill something on it, call us and we’ll remove the spot or spill for free! This is great if you are just moving into a new home. You can have us clean before you move in and if, unfortunately, you get a spot or spill on your carpet after unloading everything, call us and next time we’re in your area we’ll call and remove it for free.

12. A Word of Warning — We can’t fix everything, but we’ll tell you up front what we can or cannot do. Plus, because our services are designed to be the most thorough, they may not be for everybody. If all you want is a cheap brush around the dirt clean, then we respectfully request you call another cleaning company. Some cleaning companies are non-certified, untrained and indeed use “Bait and Switch Tactics” (bait you with a low price and once in your home switch you to a higher price). However, if you want your carpets and upholstery safely and professionally cleaned, with a full money back guarantee – then you must call Cleaning Doctor.

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