Cleaning Doctor, Professional Roof Cleaning Services
Cleaning Doctor, Professional Roof Cleaning Services

The Cleaning Doctor Difference:

Our professional tile roof cleaning service has been top rated in the UK & Ireland for over 25 years!

Cleaning Doctor Professional Roof Cleaning And Sealing Services, use a range of state-of-the-art tools and techniques to safely and effectively clean and restore roofs on homes and businesses.

We specialize in:

  • Remove moss from roof
  • Soft wash roof cleaning
  • Rain gutter cleaning service
  • Soft wash roof cleaning

Cleaning Doctor roof tile cleaning services, restores, protects and extends the all types of roofs, preventing the need for costly and disruptive replacements.

We are a local & trusted, family brand, and all our services are backed up with the “Cleaning Doctor Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”.

That’s the Cleaning Doctor Difference!

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Bio-Wash Roof Cleaning Technology Is A Safe Cleaning Process, that does not use High Pressure Washing on your roof.

Cleaning Doctor are fully trained and insured roof cleaning specialists. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to safely and effectively clean your roof from the ground, without needing to climb on top of it.

This minimizes the risk of slips, falls, or damage to us and the property for the owner.

You can rest assured that your roof will be cleaned and restored to the highest standard, using only the highest quality tools, techniques and products.

Our BioWash Roof Cleaning technology is safe as houses, with NO risk of damage to your house, and that’s a promise!

To achieve safe and effective cleaning results on surfaces like roofs, K-rend cladding, fences, patios, driveways and many other surfaces, a pre-treatment of Bio-Wash cleaner or Moss Clear Pro (which are specialised industry certified cleaning solutions) is firstly applied to break down years of grime i.e. algae, lichens, moss and then our professionally designed cleaning tools rinse the surfaces without the use of high pressure. This is referred to as The Cleaning Doctor Bio-Wash Soft Washing Cleaning Programme.

Bio-Wash Cleaning Technology Is Safe, Effective and Affordable.

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All due care is taken to protect other areas around your property, including any adjoining buildings. These areas will be protected to avoid any dirt from the roof cleaning getting onto other parts of your property. Pre-treatments for moss removal will also be carried out at this stage prior to the roof being pressure washed.

Once the roof has been pressure cleaned and left to dry off, roof repairs can be carried out, such as replacement of broken roof tiles and re-bedding of loose mortar. The last stage is to apply a protective roof coating or clear roof sealer to the roof using an airless sprayer or brush.

Roof Cleaning Before

Roof Cleaning After