Although primarily providing domestic cleaning services, we also provide similar routine cleaning services for commercial clients. Clients that used us in their homes asked us to also take on the cleaning of their offices and reception areas.

Clients are offered a cleaning service tailored to match their specific requirements. We are able to plan and execute the perfect cleaning schedule for any type or size of business premises, including offices, surgeries, showrooms, shops and schools.

Office Cleaning

Regular tasks:

  • Empty waste bins and ashtrays.
  • Remove spillages.
  • Dust or damp wipe furniture fixtures and fittings.
  • Dust or damp wipe work surfaces or desks.
  • Dust or vacuum clean office chairs and soft furnishings.
  • Dust or damp wipe stair banisters, newal posts and rods.
  • Spot clean walls, particularly around doors and switches.
  • Clean outer doors and tracks of lifts and clean interior surfaces, doors and signal buttons.
  • Clean hard floors according to agreed method.
  • Vacuum clean all carpets.
  • Damp wipe or wash dining tables.
  • Damp wipe dining chairs.

Periodic Tasks:

  • High dusting.
  • Vacuum clean upholstery, radiators and curtains.
  • Scrub or strip hard floors and reapply seal or polish.
  • Deep clean carpet and upholstery.
  • Wash furniture, fixtures and fittings as necessary.
  • Wash walls, windows, blinds, ceilings and light fittings.
  • Change dust control mats.
  • Dust or vacuum clean air conditioning grills.

Hiring Cleaning Doctor to service your daily, weekly or periodic cleaning requirements could well improve your business, enhance customer perception, and increase staff morale and productivity.