Microbiological Biocide Roof Restoration

Tarmacadam Cleaned

Kia garage granite paths & glass cleaned

What a result!

House covered in Red Algae Before...

House with black algae

Magical transformation - It's like new!

house after black algae cleaned

Imprinted Concrete Before

Imprinted Concrete After

Area of Stone Before

Area of Stone After

Roof Cleaning Before

Roof Cleaning After

Imprinted Concrete Before

Imprinted Concrete After

Block Paving Before Cleaning

Block Paving After Cleaning

Patio Before the Cleaning Doctor magic...

Then restored to as good as new!

Patio areas are our speciality!

Barely recognisable - an Amazing result!

Eliminate slips, step in need of TLC

Looks like it has just been laid!

Moss Covered Roof Before

Moss Covered Roof After

A garage wall defaced by red algae

The same wall after treatment

Pure water 'clean & gleam' window cleaning system Commercial

Pure water 'clean & gleam' window cleaning system Domestic

Stunning old churches...

Restored to their heavenly best!

Safe, pure water window cleaning for hotels, schools, factories & much more!

Awkward and inaccessible jobs? CALL US! We're always health & safety compliant!

Cleaning Doctor jet washing eaves, fascia boards and soffits.

Cleaning Doctor jet washing gutters and downpipes.

Restoration cleaning of cobble-lock, mono-block driveways etc

See the difference – brick paving partially cleaned by Cleaning Doctor

Brick path before cleaning

Pathway in process of re-sanding

Brick paving/mono-block before

Wow! Now ready for sanding & sealing.

A run down pathway and decking area...

Given an incredible new lease of life!

A flagged patio area...

As fresh as the day it was put down!

Eliminate slips on your decking area...

Hours later - it looks like this!