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At Cleaning Doctor, we have a wide variety of cleaning equipment with the goal of providing our services including professional water fed pole window cleaning, internal window cleaning, traditional window cleaning, and of course we offer our services to homes or businesses, domestic and commercial in Edinburgh.

Residential Window Cleaning

Our domestic window cleaning services cover all of Edinburgh, we use specialist cleaning solutions and equipment and our fully trained and insured cleaners can deliver window cleaning without the need for ladders and other precarious methods. We employ several methods to ensure your windows are gleaming and spotless.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We provide professional commercial window cleaning to businesses throughout Edinburgh. We aim to ensure employees and customers alike can enjoy a safe, clean and professional workplace environment through our window cleaning services. Our experience providing our exterior cleaning services in Edinburgh ensure we can deliver the same quality results to any business.

Traditional Window Cleaning

Traditional window cleaning methods for interiors is provided by Cleaning Doctor in Edinburgh. Reach and wash systems allow us to clean windows externally in the case of most properties, although occasionally this is not the best approach for certain windows. It’s not suitable for cleaning windows internally due to runoff water from, using the pole system. We use a balance of methods offering you a tailored window cleaning solution for your home or business. Using a range of cleaning methods, we at Cleaning Doctor Edinburgh will find the best solution for cleaning windows in your home or business.

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

Using the Reach & Wash system for cleaning outside windows allows window cleaning to become more accessible for Cleaning Doctor without the need of platforms or lifts. All over Edinburgh we can deliver high reaching window cleaning due to our specialist equipment along with other external cleaning services for domestic and commercial properties.

High Reach Window Cleaning

High reach window cleaning can be completed by Cleaning Doctor for those hard to reach windows. For window cleaning at higher levels we use platforms and lifts along with our water fed pole system for far Reach & Wash capabilities and procedures for traditional window cleaning making Cleaning Doctor your best bet for challenging window cleaning jobs.

Specialist High-Level Window Cleaners

We’ve been delivering window cleaning services in Edinburgh with safe and reliable cleaning solutions to easily clean windows on any property and at any height, delivering domestic and commercial window cleaning even in the most difficult to access environments.

Brighten your view with glass that gleams

  • Exceptional window cleaning for all outside glass and frames
  • Great for home or business

Our Window Cleaning Process

Our high-level, water-fed-pole window cleaning system uses the ability of pure water to evaporate off glass without leaving a mark or stain. Our window cleaning system produces a high level of pure sterile water. When pure water is used for window cleaning, the impurities on the glass are attracted to the water, as the pure water strives to return to its impure state. The impure water flows away to your gutters carrying the dirt with it. The glass is then given a final rinse of pure water to leave the glass sterile and clean.

Pure-water cleaning leaves your windows neat and clean. With pure water, your windows dry spotless without the need to wipe off contaminates. Our pure-water system does not use any detergents. Our high-reach pole system allows the operator to stand firmly on the ground and reach even the most inaccessible windows, even those with shrub and flower beds directly below. Windows you’ll be proud of… Sparkling clean after a Cleaning Doctor service. Great for home or business.


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